If it ever happens,

That I will build my dream home.

This house will stand on the river,

Today to plan these far away.


I do not know how to get to them,

To nothing in the content will not be avoided.

I want the walls to be solid,

And their color was white.


I want windows in the sun to shine,

To be able to gather strength.

I will not leave no cracks,

Because I want to heat my own self.


At the entrance door ladies stained glass,

My wife dreams of them.

With colorful slides all over,

They will look beautiful.


The house will surround the trees any,

Small front, big rear.

For the shadow to give in the summer,

I enjoyed the whole year.




My name is Janek

I will write it simple words, do not stand me on big marketing campaigns or professional website. I am a father who works and alone raises a son. I have a small piece of land and to this day I have done a lot of preparations for the construction of our house and I put a lot of my own funds, but I see that without your support, the implementation will take many years.

I believe in people of good will who will support me and help me realize my dreams. Even a few cents will be useful on nails.















My Dream House